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Expert NameMr. Ismail El Siddig Omer
DivisionPesticides Residues Analysis Laboratories
CityWad Medani
Telephone249 511 4226/40060
Work Experience· Pesticide residue analysis in agricultural environment (in vegetables, soils, water and plant material). · Studies on the fate of insecticide residues in agricultural ecosystems. · Monitor of pesticides residues levels in vegetable crops.
QualificationsB. Sc. Agric. Sc., Crop protection, Alexanderia U., Egypt; M. Sc. Crop protection, Pesticides, Gezira U.
Number of Publications
Other Activities
Publications1. Bound Residues of Endosulfan and Carbofuran in soil and plant materials. Proceedings of research co-ordination meetings held in Gainesville, Florida, USA, 1985.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated19/01/2007 16:20:00

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