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Expert NameMs. Tereiza Naeim Bakhit
DivisionPesticides Residues Analysis Laboratories
CityWad Menadi
Telephone249 511 4226/40060
Work Experience· Insecticides residue analysis in plant, soils, water and human milk, blood and fat. · Monitoring Pesticide residues levels in vegetable crops. · Studies on ecosystems (on the fate of insecticides).
QualificationsB. Sc. Agric. Sc., Crop protection, Alexandria U., Alexandria, Egypt, 1976 M. Sc. Crop protection, Pesticides (Toxicology), Gezira U., 1985
Number of Publications
Other Activities
PublicationsG. A. El Zorgani; T. N. Bakhit and N. Sharaf Eldin. (1987). Distribution of residues of C14-Aldicarb applied to Cotton plants in Gezira, Sudan. IAEA. SM. 297/20 pp 149-156.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated19/01/2007 16:21:00

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