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Expert NameDr. Salaheldin Goda Hussein
TitleCo-ordinator, afforestation, Agroforestry Unit
DivisionDesertification & Desert Cultivation Studies centre
Telephone 310101
Work Experience
QualificationsB.Sc. (forestry), University of Edinburgh, 1966. M.Sc. (forest Soils) ,University of Edinburgh,1974. 3) Ph .D. (Silviculture), University of Khartoum, 1985
Number of Publications
Other Activities
Publications1. Salaheldien Goda Hussein et al (1998): “ The influence of Acacia senegal (L.) wild on some properties of a vertisol soil” Social forestry& environment 4,1998: pp 1-4 (Sudanese Social forestry Society). 2. Salaheldin Goda Hussein (1996): “ Growth & yield of Sorghum bicolar (L.) Moench. Under alley- cropping with Leucaena lencocephala (Lam.) dewit in a saline sodic soil type.” Albuhuth journal vol.5 (2), 1996: pp75-85 (Journal of the Sudanese National centre for Research). 3.Salaheldin Goda Hussein (1994): “ Establishment and field performance of certain tree species in central Sudan” Albuhuth journal vol. 4 (1-4), 1994: pp55-66. 4. Salaheldin Goda Hussein (1991):” Environmental Degradation in a semi- arid range land in Northern Sudan” Desertification Bulletin 19, 1991: pp29-32 (Journal of U.N.E.P., Nairobi- Kenya) 5. Salaheldin Goda Hussein(1987): “ Site factors and growth of Acacia nilotica” (published by Khartoum University press).
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