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Expert NameDr. Habib Alla Abdelhafiz Mohammed
DivisionFaculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Gezira
Telephone 0511 41623
Work ExperienceDuring the last ten years the research emphasis (as a department of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources) were mainly on desertification. Our site was the Northern-west of the Gezira (Getaina area). Our research was (Problem solving oriented training). As an advisor, I was co-supervising a Ph. D. candidate and also two M. Sc. Candidates both have identification of desertification sources and origin of sand physics and sand movement, combating desertification using trees, screening of adaptable efficient trees, water harvest techniques to establish trees in such harsh areas, socioeconomic of desertified areas. Our coming research include Northern Butana area.
QualificationsB. Sc. (Hon.), in Agrc. Sci., Faculty of Agric., University of Khartoum (1979). Ph. D. (Environmental Physics, Microclimatology), University of Nottingham, UK, (1984).
Number of Publications13
Other Activities1. Sudanese Environmental Conservation Society (SECS). 2. Head of the Department of Environment Sciences and Natural Resources (1988-1998). 3. Deputy Dean of FAS (1990-1992). 4. Dean of FAS (1996- onwards). 5.Coordinator of the traditional techniques of microclimate improvements (TTMI-AN).
Publications1. Mohammed, H. A.; Clark, J. A. and Ong, C. K. (1985). The influence of Temperature during seed development on the germination characteristics of millet seeds. Plant, Cell and Environment.361. 2. Mohammed, H. A.; Clark, J. A. and Ong, C. K. (1988).Genotypic differences in the temperature responses of tropical crops. III Light interception and dry matter production of pearl millet. J. Expt. Bot. Vol.39, No. 205, pp. 1137-1143. 3. Mohammed, H. A. (1998). Rainfall in the Sudan: trend and Agricultural implications. Sud. J. Agric. Ress.,1: 45-48. 4. Nawal, K. A.; Mohammed, A. E. Steghter, C. J.and Mohammed, H. A. (1998). The physical potential of indigenous vegetation and other means to suppress sand movement and a secondary desertification source area near White Nile in Gezira, Sudan. In TTMI-Project and the Picnic Model pp. 173-183. 5. ????? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ?????? (?????? ???????) ???? ????? ?????? ? ??????? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ????? ????? (1998) The establishment of Trees in severely desertified area. J.Env. Res. And Sust. Dev. (1998).
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated19/01/2007 16:23:00

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