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Expert NameMs. Sawsan kheir El seed Abel Rahim
TitleRange specialist
DivisionRange and Pasture Administration
Telephone249 011 775231
Work ExperienceRange management specialist. Head of the Technical Office of RPA. My responsibilities include: · The analysis of information and formulation of technical reports related to range resources and pastoral affairs. · Coordination with other RPA divisions for projects formulation and preparation of the RPA projects summaries. · Organization of In-service training. · Organization of workshops and conferences sponsored and conducted by RPA. Other training and experiences include: - Management of water and soil resources. - Application of new techniques of range and pasture development. - Strengthening of sustainability issues and environmental considerations in agricultural policy analysis and project planning. - Remote sensing and GIS applications - Environment sustainable development. - Human resources development and Biodiversity conservation. - Computer Sciences.
QualificationsB. Sc. Agric. Sc. (Mechanization), Faculty of Agric., U of K, 1985. M. Sc. Economic evaluation of range improvement by seeding in the Sudan, Institute of Environmental Studies, U of K, 1997.
Number of Publications5
Awards1. Team member, for estimating and monitoring of Carbon sequestration in the Sudan (based range-lands rehabilitation project). IES, U of , Sept. 1998. 2. Member of midterm review for IDAIGOS, Southern Kassala Agricultural Development Project. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, April 1994. 3. Representative of the RPA in technical committees for preparation of National Plan Action to strengthening the role of women in the implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification. Ministry of Social Planning. July 1998.
Other Activities1. Member of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS). 2. Member of the Environmentalists Society (ES). 3. Member of the Sudanese Social Forestry Society (SSFS).
Publications1. Biodiversity conservation in the Sudan, Country report presented at the Human Resources Development to Biodiversity Conservation. A short term training course. ICAROA, Aleppo, Syria, 7-11 March 1999. 2. Agricultural Statistics Environment in the Sudan. A study submitted to the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD), June 1997. 3. Benefits from Agricultural and Food Industries by-products in the Sudan. A paper presented at the Regional Seminar on Agricultural by-products (AOAD), Khartoum, Sudan, Oct. 1997. 4. Sawsan, K. A.; Zaroug and Al Goul (1997). Economic evaluation of range improvement by seeding and Management . Mawia range site, Kassala State. J. Argi. Dev. (AOAD) Sept. 1997. 5. Sawsan, K. A (1997). Evaluation of range improvement by seeding in the Sudan. Kassala State. J. Argi. Dev. (AOAD) Sept. 1997.
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