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Expert NameDr. Ahmed Salih
TitleAssociate Research Professor
DivisionLand and Water Research Centre
CityWad Medani
Telephone249 511 43055
Work Experience· Tillage systems for wheat, cotton and sorghum · Water harvesting techniques in for field crops and tree establishment in rain-fed sector. · Rehabilitaion of degraded soils (soil affected by water erosion). · Crop water requirement.
QualificationsB. Sc. Agricultural Sc., U. of K., 1975. Ph. D. Soil Physics, U. of California, Belgium, USA,1984.
Number of Publications15
Awards1. Head of Irrigation Management Sector.
Other Activities1. Member of the Sudanese Soil Science Scientists (SSSS).
Publications1. Farah, S. M.; Salih, A. A.; Taha, A. M. Zain and Ali, I. A. (1997). Grain sorghum response to supplementary irrigation under post-rainy season conditions. Agric. Water Management 33: 31-41. 2. Salih, A. A. (1998). Prosopis Chetenis Root and shoot growth in response to soil crepdence and soil matric potential. J. of Arid environments 40:1, pp 43-52. 3. David, H. E. and Salih, A. A. (1999). Response of Dwarf Cavendish Banana to Nitrogen fertilization on Heavy Clay Soils. Sud. J. of Agric. Res. (2). 4. Salih, A. A.; Babiker, H. M. and M. Ali (1998). Preliminary study on the effect of different tillage system on cotton shoot and root grain. Soil Tillage Research 46(B-4):187. 5. Salih, A. A.; Ali, I. M.; Alex; Y. Cohen et al. (1999). Rooting, Water uptake and Xylum structure adaptation to drought of two sorghum cultivars. American J. of Crop Sc., Jan.-Feb. 1999.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated19/01/2007 16:18:00

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