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Expert NameDr. Saeed Mohammed Farah
TitleResearch Professor
DivisionLand and Water Research Centre
CityWad Medani
Telephone249 511 50013 HRS; 50009 TXBOW
Work ExperienceLocal: · National Coordinator of UNDP Project of Regional Network for supplementary Irrigation under Rain-fed Agriculture and Improved Water Management at Farm level (member countries: Algiers, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunis and Yemen. · Member of various committees for agricultural schemes in Sudan for planning of crop production, livestock integration and rehabilitation. · Supervision of M. Sc. And Ph. D. research studies and part-time teaching in the University of Gezira. · Research projects to improve soil fertility and water use efficiency in degraded soils through agronomic and water harvesting techniques. International: · FAO Consultant to Vietnam to evaluate the mono-cullent rice production and suggestions for other crops. · Member of Consultancy Team to Eastern and Southern African Countries(COMESA) for irrigation development. (23 Schemes).
QualificationsB. Sc. Agricultural Sc., U. of K., 1963. M. Sc. Agronomy, U. of Nottingham, UK, 1967. Ph. D. Water Management, Reading University, UK, 1979.
Number of Publications47
Other Activities1. Head of Agronomy and Crop Physiology Section, ARC, Sudan. 2. Secretary of the Crop Husbandry Committee, ARC, Sudan.
Publications1.Farah, S. M.; Arar, A. and Miller D. E. (1986). Water requirements and the irrigation management of Pea, Lentil, Faba bean and chickpea crops: Proceedings of the Int. Conf. On Pea, Lentil, Faba bean and chickpea. Spokane, Washington, USA, Ed. R. J. Summerfield: pp 271-278. 2. Farah, S. M. (1989). Transfer of improved production technology to farmers fields. Int. Workshop on Soil and Crop Management for improved water use efficiency in rain-fed areas. Ankara, Turkey: pp 303-315. 3. Farah, S. M. (1991). N and P management for increased grain yields of sorghum under irrigated and rain-fed areas of the Sudan. 2nd African Soil Sc. Society Conf. On Soil and Water Management for sustainable productivity. 10 Nov. 1991, Egypt. 4. Farah, S. M.; Ali, I. A. and Inanga, S. (1996). The role of Climate and Cultural practices on land degradation and desertification with reference to rain-fed areas in the Sudan. 1st Int. Conf. On Desert Development. Texas University, 12-17 Aug. 1996. 5. Farah, S. M.; Inanga, S. and Takeachi, Y. (1996). Fertilizer management under Saline conditions. Proceeding of the Int. Symp. On Development of Basic Technology for sustainable agriculture under Saline conditions. Arid Land Res. Center; Tohori University, Japan. Dec. 12, 1996 pp 45-52.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated19/01/2007 16:18:00

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