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Expert NameMr. Jean Luc Chotte
TitleSoil Scientist
Telephone221 321846
Work ExperienceI have been working on soil organic matter decomposition for about 10 years. I worked for 8 years in Martinique where I was involved in a EEC project (Soil fertility of Carribean small farming systems). We had field trials in farming systems located in 4 islands of the Lesser Antilles. I was in charge of field 15 N studies. Then I looked at the location of soil microorganisms. I spent 18 months at the CSIRO in Adelaide (South Australia) with Dr. J.N. Ladd where I looked at the effects of soil-substrat relationships on the location and the turnover of soil microorganisms. I have been in Dakar since September 1995. Since then I have been in charge of microbiological characterizations of soils under different land management (red fed crop such as millet, crop-fallow rotation and more recently agroforestry systems). Our field sites are located along a rainfall gradient ranging from 300 mm per year to 1200 mm per year. Our team comprises 2 nematologists, a plant physiologist and a
QualificationsPh.D. Evolution of a root biomass 14C, 15N labelled in a soil-plant system, Nancy I, 1986.
Number of Publications11
Other ActivitiesMember of the National Committee for DMI in Senegal
Publications1. Chotte J.L., Hétier J.M., Guiraud G. and Andreux F. - 1986 - Observations sur le devenir de l'azote organique du sol et des résidus racinaires en présence d'une culture de maïs. C.R. Acad, Sci. Pairs, t. 303, Série III, n 7, 1986. 2. Kabir MD.M., Chotte J.L., Rahman M., Bally R. and Jocteur Monrozier L. - 1994 - Distribution of soil fractions and location of soil bacteria in a vertisol under cultivation and perennial grass. Plant and Soil, 163; 243-255. 3. Chotte J.L., Laurent J.Y. and Rossi J.P. - 1995 - A modified hydropneumoelutriation apparatus for quantitative roots separation from large soil samples. Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 26/1115-16, 2703-2709. 4. Quénéhervé P. and Chotte J.L. - 1996 - Distribution of nematodes in vertisol aggregates under a permanent pasture in Martinique. Applied Soil Ecology 4; 193-200. 5. Chotte J.L., Ladd J.N. and Amato M. - 1997 - Sites of microbial assimilation and turnover of 14C soluble and particulate substrat
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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