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Expert NameDr. Bruno Henry de Frahan
DivisionEarth and Life Institute, ELIA- Agronomy
InstitutionUniversité Catholique de Louvain
Telephone32 10 473673/74
Work Experience* Current position: Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain. - Teaching: Rural Economics, Agricultural and Food Policy, Economic Analysis of Agricultural Policies and Projects, Special Issues in Rural Economics, Seminars of Rural Economics at under-graduate and graduate levels. - Research: Agricultural and trade policy analysis, rate of return to agricultural research. - Consulting: Project design and evaluation, agricultural technology generation and transfer, agricultural market analysis, food sub-sectors studies. * Past positions: - Professor (1990-92): Institut de Gestion Internationale Agro-alimentaire (IGIA), France. Teaching, research and consulting. - Graduate Research Assistant (1989-90): Michigan State University, USA . - Research Specialist and Project Manager (1987-88): Michigan State University and US Agency for International Development, Mali. - Research Assistant (1985-87): Michigan State University. - Associate Expert (1981-8
Qualifications- Ph.D. 1990, Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, USA. Areas of concentration: Production Economics, International Development and Trade. Dissertation: "The effects of interactions between technology, institutions and policy on the potential returns to Farming systems research in semi-arid Northeastern Mali". - M.S. 1979, Agricultural Sciences, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. Area of concentration: Rural Economics. Thesis topic: the economic performance of the rural
Number of Publications45
AwardsFulbright, 1998
Other ActivitiesRecent research and consulting activities directly related to drought and desertification issues: - Identification of economic, sociological and agronomic indicators and standards for sustainable agricultural production systems supported by the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technological and Cultural Affairs (SSTC, 1997-1998). - Coordination of a European and African research group on the impact of policy reform on natural resource management supported by the General Directorate for Develéopment of the European Commission (1994-98) through the NECTAR programme (NATURA European Community Training programme for agricultural universities in southern regions). - Identification and analysis of sustainable farming systems in eastern Amazonia, Brazil, supported by the Life Sciences and Technologies for Developing Countries Programme of the European Commission (1994-97). - Participation in the evaluation of the European Community food aid policy and instruments for the Food Aid Un
Publications1. Delvaux, L., B. Henry de Frahan, P. Dupraz and D. Vermersch. "Les mesures agri-environnementales en Région wallone: Scénario contingent et consentement à recevoir des agriculteurs." Economic rurale, forthcoming. 2. Henry de Frahan, B. "Price and Non-price Factors and Agricultural Supply Response". In Supply Response within the Farming System Context, E. Bruno Henry de Frahan, Catholic University of Louvain, NATURA, forthcoming. 3. Henry de Frahan, Bruno. "Policy Reform and Technical Change". In Supply Response within the Farming System Context, Ed. Bruno Henry de Frahan, Catholic University of Louvain, NATURA, forthcoming. 4. Henry de Frahan, Bruno. "International Trade and Exchange Rate Policies". In Theory and Macroeconomic Measures of Strucutral Adjustment, Methods of Evaluation and Linkages to the Agricultural Sector, Eds. Richard Pearce and Franz Heidhues, University of London and University of Hohenheim, NATURA, 1996. 5. Henry de Frahan, Bruno. "An Ex-ante
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