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Expert NameMr. Jean,Jozef,Corneel, Maria Moeyersons
TitleHead of Section
InstitutionRoyal Museum of Central Africa
Telephone32 2 769 56 09
Work Experience- Scientific collaborator at the Royal Museum of Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) and Leuven University, 1970-1975. - Assistant RMCA, 1975-1977 - First assistant RMCA, l/7/1977 - "werkleider" RMCA, 1/2/1981 - Head of the section Agriculture and Forestry at the RMCA, 1/4/1992. Research: J. Moeyersons is geomorphologist and staff member of the RMCA since 1970. He made a Ph.D. on the morphology on granite rocks in Nigeria and a high school aggregation on the problems of soil erosion and degradation in Rwanda. By participation in geomorphological and archeological missions, he gained field experience in a number of African countries, most of them south of the Sahara: Cameroon, Nigeria, Zaïre, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia. Most of his work has been devoted to experimental studies, field measurements and observations of current erosion processes, and to the interpretation of quarternary deposits in terms of palaeo-erosion and palaeo-environmental condition
Qualifications1. Masters Degree Geography K.U. Leuven, July 1969: highest distinction with a dissertation on the geomorphology of the "Waasland" region in Northern Belgium. 2. Doctorate (Ph.D.) geographical sciences at the K.U. Leuven, the 15th of May 1974: highest distinction with the dissertation on descriptions and experiemental research on granite landforms in Nigeria. Promotor: Prof. J. de Ploey. 3. On the 28th of November 1988: High School Aggregation: La nature de l'érosion des versants au Rwanda
Number of Publications5
Other Activities1. Member, European Society for Soil Conservation 2. Member, Belgian Geomorphologists 3. Member, Association belge des africanites"
Publications1. Moeyersons, J. (1989) La nature de l'érosion des versanta au Rwanda. Annales, Mus. Roy. Afr. Centr. Série Sciences Economiyues, 19, 396 p. 2. Moeyersons, J. (1989-1990) Les glissements de terrain au Rwanda occidental: leurs causes et les possibilités de leur prévention. Cahiers ORSTOM, série pédologique, Vol. XXV, no.1-2, pp. 133-151. 3. Moeyersons, J. (1994) Les essais récents de lutte anti-érosive au Rwanda. Cahiers d'Outre-Mer, Revue de Géographie de Bordeaux, No. 185, 47ème année, 65-78. 4. Moeyersons, J. (1997) Geomorphological Processes and their palaeoenvironmentalsignificance at Shum Laka rock shelter (Bamenda-Western Cameroon). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 133:103-116. 5. De Ploey, J., Moeyersons, J. and Goossens, D. (1995) The De Ploey erosional susceptibility model for catchments, Es. Catena, 25, 269-314.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated11/08/2014 14:33:00

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