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Expert NameDr. Mureille Eyletters
DivisionLAliwen/TMC partners sprl
InstitutionUniversité Libre de Bruxelles
Telephone32 476 849017
Emailmurielle.eyletters(at); mueylett(at)
Work Experience- Physiology of adaptation of plants to drought (water-stress, highlight, high temperature). - Measurement of water status of plants and determining the physiological disturbances caused by water stress (studies of O2 and CO2 gas exchanges, chlorophyll fluorescence). - Development of screening test for identifying varieties that are sensitive and tolerant to drought. - identification of Physiological mechanism of adaptation to drought of species grown in countries such as Senegal or Greece.
Qualifications- Doctor in Agricultural Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Sciences, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, 1993.
Number of Publications14
Other Activities1. Invited Professor, University of Dakar (Senegal). 2. Expert for research project, Convention ULB-CERAAS (Senegal)
Publications1. Eyletters, M. and Lannoye, R. (1991) Influence of Photoinhibition on the dissipation of excess excitation energy and xanthophy II cycle. Archives Internationales de Physiologie, Biochimie et Biophysique. 96(9) p.10. 2. Havaux, M. and Eyletters, M. (1991) Is the invivo Photosystem I function resistant to Photoinhibition? Z. Naturforsch 46, C 1038-1044. 3. Eyletters M. and Lannoye R. (1994) A pH gradient as protective mechanism against photoinhibition in pea leaves. BB SRC Second Robert Hill Symposium on Photosynthesis p.60. 4. Brou, C. and Eyletters M. (1998) Some biophysical and biochemical aspects of the resistance of cow pea (vigna unguiculata l.) to drought. submitted.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated11/08/2014 14:21:00

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