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Expert NameDr. Laurent Bock
DivisionFaculté Universitaire des Sciences agronomiques
InstitutionFaculté Universitaire des Sciences agronomiques de Gembloux (FUSAGX)
CityGembloux (FUSAGX)
Telephone32 81 622538/622543
Work Experience1. Professor (Full time "chargé de cours") since 1996. Head of the unit "Géopédologie" (FUSAGx) - Global staff : ~20. 2. Scientific field of specialization: Setting up of regional/local soil reference systems based on an explicative field and laboratory strategy (concept of minimum data set). Thematic research and stratified options for soil map applications (concepts of production, envirrronment and land management). Soil fertility evaluation, monitoring and restoration (concept of soil quality indexes). Soil organic matter status and evolution with respect to land use and farming systems. Choices, harmonization and quality control in soil analysis. Professional career: 1973-1975: Junior lecturer ("Assistant") in the Soil Science Dept of the National Institute of Agronomy (INA) - Algiers aunder an Algerian Contract. 1975-1977: Junior lecturer in the same department for the Belgian Cooperation and the Faculty (FUSAGx). 1977-1978: Researcher in the Soil Science Unit of t
Qualifications1972 : "Ingénieur Agronome" (5 years), orientation soil science (first promotion), Faculté Universitaire des Sciences agronomiques de Gembloux (FUSAGx) 1972 : Certificate of the Belgian General Administration for Cooperation to Development (AGCD) 1983 : "Docteur en Sciences Agronomiques" (Ph.D.), FUSAGx
Number of Publications
Other ActivitiesParticipation in scientific meetings: this point involves some twenty international conferences with an active participation for half of them. Professional visits abroad. Scientific societies: First vice-chairman of the Belgian Soil Science Society, Administrator of the Rural Engineering Society (1989-1993), Member of the International Soil Science Society, the European Soil Conservation Society, the French Soil Science Society and different Belgian Committees... Other scientific activities: Project management, scientific evaluation, paper referee. Services at community level.
Publications- Final year project and Ph.D. thesis distributed in Algeria, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia. - Papers (14) concerning the Algerian (subtropical) experience (5), the interpretation of soil analysis for an integrated approach in a national park - Zaïre (1) characterization of the Guinean (tropical) environment (3), Soil map of Belgium (2), organic matter and soil conservation in temperate environment (2) and a personal methodological reflection. - Editorial work (3) including a synthesis of 2 EC workshops (207 pages), a bulletin (300 pages) about a meeting on land management, the soil chapter (123 pages) of the State of the Walloon Environment: - Reports on overseas missions (7) with three for FAO - Reports of (iner)national meetings (6) - Press Conferences (2) - Scientific posters and those for extension purposes (10) - Field guides and excursion reports (5) - Consultancies and administrative reports (numerous).
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated11/08/2014 14:16:00

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