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Expert NameMr. Pierre, André, Henri Dimanche
TitleFree Lance Expert
Institutionno institution
Telephone32 81 743221
Work Experience- First soil surveys for development projects (1962). - Research in correlations between soil vegetation and climatology studies Fertilization (1966-1970). - Training of Technicians in Site Identification and Land-use Planning (1970-78) - Integrated Forestry Pasture Project (1978-1981). - FAO Expert in rural development Project (1981-1986). - GTZ Team leader in Integrated Forestry Pasture (1986-90) - Free Lance Expert. 35 Missions for evaluation, identification, backstopping, forest and land-use management, actions against desertification, guidelines and preparations in FAO, EC, UNHCR, GTZ. (1990-94)
QualificationsDoctorate, University of Nancy, France, 1985. Study of Tunisian Forestry Sites. Engineer in Agronomy/Forestry, Gembloux, Belgium 1961.
Number of Publications35
Other ActivitiesProfessor, Tunis University, Bari, Italy Study Travel Organization, Morocco-Italy
Publications1. FAO Guidelines for Land Evaluation in Forest Lands, 1989-1995. Tunis. UNESCO. Ecology of Tunisia, Doctorate Thesis, Nancy University. 1985. 2. Study of the Realtions between Soil Natural Vegetation and Forest Productivity in Tunisian Forest (Impact of Degradation). Doctorate Thesis, Nancy University, 1985. 3. FAO, Rome Collaboration to the Guidelines for Land Evaluation in Forest Lands. 1985. 4. Collaboration to the Monography concerning Ecology of Tunisia. UNESCO. CNRS. University of Tunis, 1989-1995. 5. Collaboration to the Guidelines for Forest Sector Development Cooperation. Forest in Sustainable Development. EC, 1996-1997. 6. Fighting against Desertification. Reports of GTZ Project. Zagora. South of Aroco.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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