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Expert NameDr. H. Verplancke
DivisionSoil Management and Soil Care
InstitutionUniversity of Gent
Telephone32 9 2646039
Work Experience1. Teaching: 352 academic lecture hours, of which 300 hrs in 3 international post-graduate programmes: at International Center for Eremology, at International Training Center for Post-graduate soil scientists, at International Center for Environmental Sanitation. 2. Promotor of Ph.D., M.Sc. theses. 3. Research: responssible of the research topics at the laboratory of soil physics. 4. Visiting professor at Universities and International Institutes. 5. Teaching in International Post-graduate Training Courses. 6. Other scientific activities: - Supervisor of 79 trainee-programmes sponsored by ABOS, IAEA and FAO - Scientific coordinator of ABOS-projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, China - Scientific coordinator of 3 EC-projects in Egypt - Co-promotor of Vlir-projects in China, Ethiopia, Vietnam - Promotor of Flamish Internationalisation Projects (Flamish Community) at Can Tho University - Mekong Delta - Vietnam - Promotor and coordintor of the Twinning programme between RUG/Gad
QualificationsBio-Engineer, 1996 (Great Distinction), University of Gent. Doctor in Agricultural Sciences, 1973 (Greatest Distinction), University Gent.
Number of Publications
Other Activities
PublicationsBooks, chapters in books, contributions as editor: 1. VERPLANCKE, H., HARTMANN, R. and DE BOODT, M., 1978. Reducing evaporation by soil conditioning and mulching. In: "Modification of Soil Sztructure", edited by Emerson, Bond and Dexter, 335-340. 2. VERPLANCKE H., HARTMANN, R. and DE BOODT, M., 1978. Soil conditioning and mulching to reduce evaporation. In Study of Radiation and Isotope Techniques in different Soil Water Regimes. FAO/IAEA, n°1200/CF, 10-27. 3. MAESSCHALCK, G., VERPLANCKE, H. and DE BOODT, M., 1984. Water use and wateruse efficiency under different management systems for upland crops. Manila, IRRI, Workshop: "Physical aspects of soil management in rice-based cropping systems", 396-408. 4. VERPLANCKE, H., 1992. Managing Water in Stressed Environments. In "Water Saving Techniques for Plant Growth". NATO ASI Series. Series E: Applied Sciences - Kluwer Academic Publishers - Vol. 217, 105-126. 5. VERPLANCKE, H., 1992. Chief editor. Water Saving Techniq
Last updated09/11/2006 15:51:00

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