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Expert NameDr. Rudi Goossens
TitleResearcher and Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Gent
Telephone32 9 264 4709
Work Experience- All projects are based on remote sensing and GIS Technology - Simulation and prediction of water logging and soil alinity in arid climates (esp. Egypt) - Land-use mapping - Cartography and Geo-archeology - Land-form mapping
QualificationsDoctor in Sciences, Remote Sensing, University of Gent, 1986
Number of Publications
Other Activities- President of the Special Interest Group of Remote Sensing use in Developing Countries (EARSSEL: European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories)
Publications1. Goossens, R. et al. 1997. Monitoring, Simulation and Prediction of Soil Salinity and Waterlogging Risk using Remote Sensing and GIS on Provisional Level (Imaudia Egypt) in Integrated Application for Risk Assessment and Disaster Prevention for the Mediterranean. Baalkema-Rotterdam, p. 59-65. 2. Goossens, R. et al. 1993. The use of Remote Sensing (SPOT) for the Survey of Ecological Patterns applies to two different Ecosystems in Belgium and Zaire in Landscape Ecology and GIS. London, Francia and Taylor. p. 147-159. 3. Goossens et al. SAIGAIS: A Geo-Archeological Information Systems for the Island of Sai (Nulra-Sudan). Cahier de recherche de l'Insitut de Papyrologie et d'Egyptologie de Lille (Cripel). Lille, France. p.13-20. 4. Goossens et al. 1988. The Use of SPOT Images for the Detection of Soil Drainage and Land Degradation in a wet and dry tropical environment (Lubumbashi-Zaire) in Proc. 5th Symp - WGRS, p. 79-86. Budapest. 5. Goossens R. et al. 1998. The use
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated11/08/2014 14:22:00

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