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Expert NameProf. Dr. Jaroslava Sobocka
TitleAssiciated Professor Dr. PhD
DivisionDepartment of Soil Science, Survey and Mapping
CountrySlovak Republic
Telephone+42 12 48206976
Work Experience1. APVT-27-022602 - Urban soils ans environmental facts of living quality in cities (a case of Bratislava city) 2. Bilateral project APVV SK-CN 0036 - Change of soils in relation to urban ecosystems and environmental quality. 3. SOVEUR Project: Database of soil degradation and vulnerability for the Central and Eastern Europe. ISRIC Wageningen 4. Detection and targeted regulation of soil resources in relation to climate change. Project of the Ministry Agriculture SR 5. Set of regional maps of geological factors in environment - 5 regions of Slovakia
QualificationsDr. - Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physical Gography comenius university - 1980 PhD. - Geographical institute at the Slovak Academy of Sciences Assoc. Prof. - Agricultural University Nitra
Number of Publications158
Awards1. Diploma of the Slovak Agricultural Academy 2. Fandly Medal of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 3. Roster of Experts UNCCD
Other Activities1. Member of the chair committee of the slovak Agricultural Academy 2. President of the slovak Soil Science Society 3. Chair of the Division for Soil Science and Conservation (SAA) 4. Member of the working groop IVSS - SUITMA 5. Member of the working group ICOMANT - VS Soil Taxonomy
Publications1. Sobocka, J., Balkovic, J., Lapin, M. 2007: A CENTURY Model using for Estimation of Soil Organic Matter Behaviour at Predicted Climate Change. Soil & Water Ros., 2, 2007 (1), pp. 11-22. 2. Sobocka, J., et. al. 2007. Urban soil (case study Bratislava). Monograph VUPOP Bratislava. 126 pp + CD annex. VUPOP Bratislava ISBN 978-8089128-39-6 3. Sobocka, J., Surina, B., Torma, S., DODOK, R. 2005: Climate Change and its possible impacts on soil resources of Slovakia. VUPOP Bratislava, 46 pp. ISBN 80-89128-15-7 4. Sobocka, J. 1999: A present status of knowledge and assesament at anthropogenic soils in Slovakia. Rostlina Vgroba 45, (5): 237-244 5. Sobocka, J., Jambor, P. 1998: Diagnostic and Location of erodible soils and anti-erosion proposals on example of SE-Danutrion lowland port. Lanscape and urban planning, 41, p. 129-123.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated19/11/2014 12:57:00

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