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Expert NameDr. Falah Abounukta
TitleProfessor of Peodology and Land Reclamation
DivisionFaculty of Agriculture
InstitutionDamascus University
CityBarzeh, Damascus
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 11 51 32 450/1/2
Work ExperienceTeaching academic, practical and training courses in soil science: morphology, survey and classification, fertilization, reclamation and land use since 1971, including one sabbatical year in USA and four years as a Cooperant Professor in INA Algeria. Was a participant in the following projects or studies: a) Project of Soil Survey and Classification of Yarmouk Basin, 500, 000 ha, 1979-1987 (Ministry of Irrigation). b) Soil Survey of the Pomiculture Project in Al-Qunaitra, 1979 (Ministry of Irrigation). c) Afforestation Barriers of the Electro-heat Station in Widian Al-Rabee", 1981 (Ministry of Electricity). d) Soil Survey of the Early Vegetables Project in Wadi Al-Yarmouk, 1984 (Ministry of Irrigation). e) Restoration of the contaminated land, Al-Isba Oilfield, 1997, AFPC, (Ministry of Petroleum).
QualificationsB.S.A. Agriculture - University of Damascus, 1965. Ph.D. Soil Science, Academy of Agriculture, Moscow, 1970. Post D. Exp. Soil Science, University of Rutgers, N.J., USA, 1983
Number of Publications32
Other Activities1. Head of the Advisory Unit of Soils and Fertilizers, Damascus University, since 1979, 2. National Coordinator of Soil Micronutrient Project, with NRC, Cairo, 3. Environmental impact of fertilizers use in Syria, a workshop paper prepared on behalf of Agronomists Syndicate and presented at NRC, Cairo, 1994, 4. Preparation of the documents of the regional project on the "Improvement of Productivity of Irrigated Lands in Arab Countries" AOAD, Khartoum, 1995, 5. Reviewing the soil survey of Syrian desert in 1975, 1996 and 1997.
Publications1. Abounukta F., 1975, Pedology "Soil Composition & Classification", 442 pp, Damascus University, Damascus. 2. Abounukta F., 1981, Principles of Soil Science, 360 pp, Damascus University, Damascus. 3. Abounukta F., 1994, Pedology "Soil Morphology & Soil Systems", 407 pp, Damascus University, Damascus. 4. Abounukta F., 1994, Practical Pedology, 246 pp, Damascus University, Damascus. 5. Abounukta F., 1995, Land Reclamation, 560 pp, Damascus University, Damascus.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 11:59:00

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