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Expert NameMr. Ali Maimed Abdul Aziz
Titlea prophesier
DivisionAgricultural College
InstitutionDamascus University
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 11 5132450/1/2
Work ExperienceI have participated in many local regional, Arabic and international conferences and symposiums specilized in subjects of agricultural sector, especially subject related to agricultural economy. Also I have participated and supervised manzy of training courses in the fields of agricultural policies, agricultural marketing, management, finance and agricultural policies planning… etc. I have submitted several ocal and Arabic consultancies in the field of specialization also I have partipated in preparing the National Action Plan to Combat Desertification in the Syrian Arab Republic, regarding the economic side, and the economic reflexes of lands degradation (desertification) in Syria, The las participation to me is preparing a study about AL CANDARY evaluation (kind) in Syria by cooperation with the UNIFEM international organization.
QualificationsDoctorate PhD. In economics specilization in agriculture economy, Byelorussia academy of agriculture 1982
Number of Publications18
Other ActivitiesProfessional activities with the agricultural agronomy union in Syria Professional activities with the agricultural economic sciences association in Syria. Professional activities with the Ministry of Agriculture in Syria Professional activities with the Ministry of Environment in Syria and others with many local, regional and international organizations staff.
Publications1. Dr. Ali mahmud Abdul Aziz - Economics plant production 1993-215 page. Damascus university. 2. Dr. Ali mahmd Abdul Aziz-marketing of agricultural products 1994-220 page-Damascus-Damascus university. 3. Dr. Ali mahmud Abdul Aziz principles of agricultural economics - 1995-210 page Damascus-Damascus university. 4. Dr. Ali mahmud Abdul Aziz-plan of action for the agricultural economy section of the ministry of agricultural and rural 1995. 5. Fild study for defining the needs of rural communities in some areas of Damascus country side 1999-105 page -Damascus-Syrian Agricultural Ministry.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated14/04/2011 16:42:00

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