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Expert NameMr. Mohammad Reyad Al-Lahham
DivisionForestry degraited reconstruction
InstitutionMinistry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 11 2223368/2248964
Work ExperienceTechnician In the Badia Department - Rangeland division on 1982. Chief rangeland division - Badia Department up to 1984. Chief of road side plantation project (Damascus - Palmyra - Deir-Ezzor road metes): 1991-1992 (forestry department). Chief of forest management management division: 1998-1999 (Forestry Dept) Forestry Technical Expert: 1999 -2000 (Forestry Dept.) Chief of re-forestation division 2001 National coordinator (of M. of A.A.R) in Biodiversity project (G.E.F) 2001 Works achieved during the period 1976-1980, Participation in the preparation of the preliminary studies to elaborate the southern region development project in Dara'a and Sueida provinces Participation in the scientific research related to the plantation of green fodders in the marginal kabd ub ciioeratuib betweeb U-carda abd tge -Badia Department. Participation in the classification of the vegetative cover of the Badia in Syria, in cooperation with ACSAD. Training abroad on the use of Australian trees a
QualificationsPh.D Afforestation (Forest Nurseries) Byelorussia Technological Institute 1990
Number of Publications5
Other ActivitiesMember of committee Mountains forests Member of Biodiversity Project (GEF project) Member of Agriculture Environment committee Member of National Local Forestry Committee
Publications1. Syrian Forest in its fiftieth anniversary- produced in cooperation. Between GCP/REM/052/JPN and GCP/INT/539/ITA project (1993). 70.P. Damascus. 2. Consultancy reports on environmental protection and development of forest. Resources, in Syria, prepared for GCP/REM/052/JPN project 55.P. Damascus 1994. 3. Case Study on the application of new techniques for the development of forest resources submitted to the AOAD - 1998. 75.P. 4. The reality of Forests and Forestry regions and their role in controlling the desertificaiton. For desertification project. 30.P. Damascus, 2000. 5. The management of the Syrian forests - case study forests of AL-Bayer and Al-Bassit in Lattakia, 38.P., 1994 Damascus.
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