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Expert NameMr. Mohamed Said AL-Shater
DivisionDepartment of Soil Sciences
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 11 5133341
Work ExperienceProviding technical consultancies in the area of recycling organic wastes to use as fertilizers. The opting using of menial fertilizers to conserve the environment and to reduce its contamination in order to obtain the dominant progressive for the cultivation lands. Providing an experience in the area of soil relcamination and mantenance from different types of degradation, conducting studies in the area of improving the soil fertility and its productivity using sable and radioactive isotopes.
QualificationsPH.D in Fertility And Soil management, I.N.P.L, Nancy. France
Number of Publications4
Other Activities1. Syria Sciences Association. 2. Bahranian Voter Sciences and Technology Associations.
Publications1. AL-Shater M.S. and AL-Gosiabi, A.M (2000) Evolution of saline clyey soil reclamation efficiency under date plam in AL-Hassa Oasis. Scien+JOF King Faissal Univ vol. 1 No (1), 19P. 2. AL-Shater M.S. (1998) Distribution of N15 fertilizer in the humified fraction of soil Arab, agric research .J. Volume 2.No (2).14P. 3. AL-shater M.S. (1998) The effect of different urban residues on the development of heavy metals in soil, Arb. Gulf. J. sceint.res 16(3) 21p. 4. AL-Gosaiby A.M and AL-shater M.S. (1996) Teaching requirement of salt effected soil in AL-shater M.S. (1994) the use of N15 studying the mechanism of the nitrogen transformation in soil and plant. Second Arab Conference on the peaceful uses of atomic energy. Cairo, Egypt. 19 P.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated15/01/2007 16:17:00

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