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Expert NameMr. Mohamed Ab Al Siddik
DivisionSoil science Department
InstitutionUniversity of Aleppo
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 21 2236130
Work Experience- Soil classification and soil mapping - using of drip irrigation in arid region (area) - Soil salinity research - Long term Rotation trial - Pollution of soil and plant
QualificationsPh.D soil classification and mapping, 1983, Rennes, France
Number of Publications20
Other ActivitiesParticipate in the desertification project funded by UNDP
Publications1. 1989: The date of soil and the formation of alluvial of the Ried Ello-Rhenan Haul Rhin.Sci.Geol, Bull.42,2, p.107-116. Strasbourg, France. 2. ICARDA 1991: Long-term effects of regular fertilization use within different two year cropping rotation on the phosphorus and nitrogen status of soil farm resource management program, Annual Report for 1991. 3. 1994, Mathematical modeling of carbon mobility and organic content in soil. R.J. of Aleppo Univ. Agricu. ScUeries IVo22. 4. 1999 the quality of water irrigation in some areas of lower Euphrates basin. The Colloquium" of salt soils and gypsium between irrigation, agriculture and relcamation. The high council of Sciences, Ministry of High Education. 5. 2000 The use of logical in the management of natural resources. The colloquium of drought and sustainable development, the High Council of Science, Ministry of High Education.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated28/07/2011 11:59:00

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