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Expert NameMr. Mohamed Walid Assouad
DivisionAgricultural Instiute
InstitutionUniversity of Aleppo
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 21 2218627
Work ExperienceMy research work focused on endemic xerophytes species. Special attention was given to endanger plant species. The constituents of flora, namely phanerogams of areas ranging from wet to arid regions, were reconsidered. I worked for the Syrian Ministry of Environment and the UNDP in the domain of Biodiversity, and currently in desertification control. 2. My researches and the thesis I supervised included several xerophytic fruitful trees (olive, fig, prune, almond, hawthorn, etc…) They also involved phytosociological studies in which many endangered species were revealed. Other unprecedently indicated species were recorded, some vegetal species of economic importance (Cucurbits) were studied as well.
QualificationsDoctorat d'Etat Es Sciences Naturelles- Ecological Genetics- Sexual Polymorphism- Montpellier-France-1972.
Number of Publications33
Other Activities1. Member in the Group of the (Biologie et Genetique des Populations) en France. 2. Member in the Association of the
Publications1. Assouad, M.W.; Zahoueh, S., Martini, G. (2001). Etude Phytosociologique du rest des forets du Frene syrien: Fraxinus syriaca Boiss., dans la vallee d'EI-Ghab. The Syrian - Lebanese Research Days "2001", Symposium on Diversity of Ecosystems and genetic Resources in Syria & Lebanon, Damascus, Feb. 4th -5th, 2001. 2. Assouad, M.W. Ghazal Asswad, N., Dawalibi, M. (1998) A survey of new plant species at a reserved site in the Syrian Badya. 3. Assouad, M.W.; Zahoueh, S.; Martini, G. (1998). A phztosociological study of the Cedrus libani forest in the eastern exposure of the Syrian coastal mountain chain. Research Journal of Aleppo University. N°32. 4. Assouad, M.W; Zahoueh, S. Martini, G. (1998. Phytosociological study of the Eumediterrannean stage in the eastern exposure of the syrian Coastal mountain chain. Research Journal of Aleppo University, N°32 5. Assouad, M.W., (1995). The effect of different ecological areas of Ficus carica L. on the pollination and fructification. Presented
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