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Expert NameMs. Ghalia Martini
TitleCharge on travail
DivisionFaculty of agriculture-Forest & Ecology Department
InstitutionUniversity of Aleppo
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 215 717283
Work ExperienceTeacher at Aleppo University, Specialize in Ecological and forestry Science. And aquizing experience in modern techniques such as Geographic Information System Subject, taught: Ecology&plant association, Ecology of the forestry, Dendrology, plant cover and Soil conservation and I Make contracts with non private organization as UNDP, FAO, ICARDA as a Research assistant in the same disciplines.
QualificationsPhD. Degree in Ecology & frosty at the faculty of agriculture Engineering, Aleppo 1999
Number of Publications12
Other ActivitiesMember in the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) member in the GIS committee
PublicationsAswad M.W., Zahoueh S., Martini G. 1998-Phytosocialogical Study of the Eu Mediterranean stage in the eastern exposure of the Syrian Costal Mountain Series. RDAU, N°32. Aswad M.W., Zahoueh S., Martini G. 1998-Phytosocialogical Study of the Cedars libani frosty.research four.of Aleppo uni-N°32, 25p 3. Chalabi M.N., Martini G. 1989-Study of the Relation between Secondary growth of cambium and Environmental variables in Abies cilicial 4. Chalabi. N. Hammoud A., Martini G. 1991-Analysis study of the western watershed. Res. Jour. Aleppo uni. Pp.73-107. 5. Martini G. 1999-Ecological & Phytosociological Study of scheduled forestry reserve… thesis of phD. Fac. Of Agr.Eng. 194 p
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:00:00

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