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Expert NameMr. Abdul Salam Dahmush
TitleAssociate professor
DivisionFaculty of agriculture-
InstitutionFaculty of Agriculture
CityDeir EL-Zoor
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 51 314477
Work Experience- Supervision of the study on the effect of three equation mineral fertilizer on efficiency symbiotic nitrogen fixation of soybean. - Role of organic matter (manure) in increasing tolerance of wheat group to slinity irrigated with saline semi-saline and fresh water and its effect on the properties of wheat productivity. - the participation in the project of effect of soil management on the soil in the Syrian Badia - in Deir AL-zoor. - the role of fungi (pencillium Italicium ) in mobilization of phosphates in soil. - Water harvest technique in Syrian Badia. - Water analyses for Alfurat petroleum Co. on advisory basis. Specialized in subjects of agricultural sector.
QualificationsPh.D in Biology Soil Microbilogy, Research Institute, Agriculture, Russia 1991
Number of Publications10
Other ActivitiesHead of Soil Science and Land Reclamation Dept. in University of Agriculture - Deir AL-zoor. Head of Agriculture, Water, Land Reclamation, Environment Natural Resources Department in Deir Al-zoor province.
PublicationsDahmoush A.S. the effect of different levels of mineral fertilizers on nitrogen - fixing activity and soybean yield, nitrogen in intensive Agriculture-Norosibirsk 1990. Dahmoush A.S. the use of stimulator for increasing of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and soybean productivity, Leningrad 1990. Dahmoush A.S. a study on the effect organic mineral fertilizer on formation of CO2 in the soil, R.I of Aleppo Univ., No.25 1996. Dahmoush A.S. a study on the effect three equation mineral fertilizer on efficiency symbiotic fixation and productivity at Euphrates Basin - Aleppo University No 33 19999. Dahmoush A.S. Isolation of endomycorrhizae from Philosopher of some vegetable plants, grasses in Deir AL-zoor R.J, of Aleppo No. 27.1997.
DisciplineSoil Science
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