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Expert NameMr. Khaled AL-Joumaa
TitleVice Dean
DivisionFaculty of Agriculture(2)
InstitutionUniversity of Aleppo
CityDeir EL-Zoor
CountrySyrian Arab Republic
Telephone963 51 226290
Work Experience- Supervision of land use Experiments - Supervision of soil analysis lab. In the Directory of Agriculture. - Participation in putting studies for projects of conversion rain fed lands into irrigated land in North Syria. - Classification studies for some areas supposed to be in agril investment. - Participation in several conferences Symposium, workshops and sci. weeks in and out sides Syria. Internaitonal symposium - Lilida-Spain, Advanced cours for Najand Balmica educates in Tunisia, General conferences by Romanian soil science Association ….etc) - Guidance and supervision of undergraduate and post-graduate studies in Faculty of Agriculture (2)
QualificationsPh.D (Agriculture) in Soil classification I.A.N.B - Bocharest, Romania, 1982
Number of Publications5
Other ActivitiesHead of Lands Department, Directory of Agriculture. Manager, Land and Water Directory. General Est. of Gov. Farms. Vice Dean for Science Affairs - 1993. Vice Dean for Administration and students affairs (2000 up to date). Member of Romania Lands Association. Romania.
PublicationsDr. Florea. N. Dr. K.AL- Joumaa, 1996, Main characteristics of the gypsiferous soils on proluvial deposits in the middle Euphrates flosdplain, Syria, international symposium on soil with gypsum. Spain. 2. Dr. Florea. N Dr. K.AL- Joumaa, 1993, soils developed from gypsum deposit; the upland in the Syrian desert, R.J. of Aleppo univ. p. 103-131. 3. Dr. K. Al-Joumaa, Dr El-Husseiny, 1995, Micromorphology of some Gypsiferous soils in EL-Badia region, Syria, Aiex. Sel Exch. Vol.16, No.1, 107-133 4. Dr. Florea. N Dr. K.Al-Joumaa, 1988 genesis and classification of gypsiferous soils on the Middle Euphrates floodplain, Syria, Eleservier, geedermao 131. 5. Dr. K.Al-Joumaa, Dr. EL-Husseiny, 1998, Micro morphology of some Syrian calcareous soil. Alex.Sci Exch., vol. 19.No.3.p 379-397
DisciplinePolitical Science
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