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Expert NameMr. Kossi Boglo Tossah
DivisionSocil Cons. Rest. and Agroforestry
InstitutionInstitut National des Sols
Telephone228 253096
Work ExperienceI have done the project of Alley Farming Network of Tropical Africa from 1990-1996. The first phase of this project consists of screening of multipurpose trees for alley farming in the most degraded regions in Togo. It was station research. The second phase from 19922-1996 was on farm trial in Région Maritime where we worked with more than 100 farmers. Advisory: Dr. Sanginga IITA, Ibadan Participant: Researchers, farmers extension agents.
QualificationsMaster of Science in Agriculture - Agrochemistry - University Patrice Lumumba, Moscow, 1980.
Number of Publications3
Other ActivitiesChief of Division of soil conservation. Restauration and agroforestry at National Institute of Soils.
Publications1. Contribution d'un système agroforestier à la réhabilitation des sols miniers de Hahotoé, 1998-1992, Rapport de service, 1994. 2. Alley Farming research in Togo, B.K. Tossah, Y.H. Tossou and Tamelokpo, Alley Farming research and development, proceeding of international conference on Alley Farming 14-18 September 1992, Ibadan, Nigeria, Edited by B.T. Kang, A.O. Osiname and A. Larbi 261-267. 3. Formation des formateurs du réseau AFNTA à la recherche participative. Rapport de l'atelier de formateurs de formateurs à la Méthode Active de Recherche et de Planification Participative AFNETA/IIED janvier 1995.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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