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Expert NameProf. Koffi Akpagana
TitleAssociate Professor
InstitutionUniversité Nationale du Bénin
Telephone228 253096
Work ExperienceI am advisor or participant of many scientific projects conducted in our laboratory which I am in charge of actually. The applicability of their results are very efficient in many cases. Since 1990, many field works in Togo, Benin, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire have been done by me and a colleague of University of Reims (France) on valorization of plants as medecines. Many others are on natural resources management and environmental planning.
QualificationsPh.D. Thesis, Botany, University of Bordeaux III, France, 1989
Number of Publications43
AwardsMeritus Diploma of University of Benin (Lomé).
Other Activities1. Secretary of the national MAB committee (Togo) 2. Expert of tropical plant systemantic for BIOCODEX Laboratories (France) 3. Member of the French botanic society (Since 1991) 4. In charge of environmental studies at the Faculty of Science.
Publications1. Akpagana K., Recherche sur les forêts denses humides du Togo, Thèse Sci., Univ. Bordeaux III (France), 195 p. dactyl. 2. Akpagana K., 1993. Pistia Stratiotes L. (Araceae), une adventice aquatique en extension vers le nord du Togo. Acta. Bot. Gallica, 140(1):91-95. 3. Akpagana K., Guelly K.A. et Gumedzoe M., 1993. Une adventice en voie d'envahissement du territoire togolais: Eupatorium odoratum L. Acta. bot. Gallica, 140(5): 535-543. 4. Akpagana K., Edorh Th., Roussel B. et Guyot M., 1994. La végétation des zones inondées du Sud Togo et son état actuel sous l'emprise humaine Biogéographica, 70(4) : 161-182. 5. Akpagana K. et Bouchet Ph., 1995. La disparition des espèces végétales et la pharmacopée traditionnelle en Afrique tropicale. Pharm. Méd. Trad. Afric., 1: 63-66.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated15/01/2007 16:19:00

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