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Expert NameMr. Chary Muradov
TitleDeputy Director National Institute of
DivisionDeserts, Flora and Fauna
InstitutionMinistry of Nature use and Environmental Protection
Telephone993 9312 395427
Work Experience1. International Convention to Combat Deertification, Subregional Preparatory Activities in Central Asia, 1994. 2. International Convention to Combat Desertification, Turkmenistan Preparatory Activities. 1994. 3. Report on States of Environment in Central Asian Republics, 1994. 4. National Action Programme to Combat Desertification in Turkmenistan, 1996.
Qualifications1963 - Graduate of the Moscow Institute of Radioelectronics and Mining Electromechanics (MIRME) 1964 - Graduate of the English Course at MIRME 1984 - Candidate (Technical Sciences) at All-Union Institute of Informatics (Moscow)
Number of Publications50
Other Activities1. 1970-1979: Group Leader of Science and Technology at the Council of Ministers Turkmenistan. 2. 1979-1990: Deputy Director of Turkmenistan Research Institute on Informatics. 3. 1990: Head of the Laboratory of Informatics, Assistant of President of TAS, Scientific Secretary, Deputy Director of DRI TAS. 4. Executive Secretary of the Committee on Desertification Control. 5. Deputy Chairman of the Ecological Fund of Turkmenistan. 6. Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal "Problems of Desert Development".
Publications1. Ch. Muradov. 1992. Data Bank of Desertification Control 2nd International Conference "East-West". Proceedings p. 59-62, Moscow, Russia. 2. Ch. Muradov, 1994, "Information and Monitoring Network on Desertification Control Studies". Problems of Desert Development, N 4-5, p.133-149. 3. Ch. Muradov, 1993, Fluctuation of Caspian Sea Level and Ecological Conditions of the Cost. ISMIRAN N6 (1056), p.1-17, Moscow. 4. Ch. Muradov, 1996, A. Scientific and Information Center on the Aral Sea Problems. Problems of Desert Development N 1 p.86-88. Allerton Press, Inc., New York. 5. Ch. Muradov, 1997, The Significance of Science and Technology in Combating Desertification in Turkmenistan. International Symposium and Workshop Abstracts, p.20, Tucson, Arizona, USA.
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