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Expert NameDr. Olga Antsiferova
TitleLeader Researcher
DivisionDesert Research Institute
InstitutionAcademy of Sciences of Turkmenistan
Telephone993 (99312)357341
Work Experience1. Estimation of Influence of Karakum Canal on Natural Condition of Territory. 1980-1983, Turkmenistan (participant). 2. Dynamic of Soils in the Low Part of Amudaria River in Connection with Changing Ecological Condition in the Aral Sea Region. 1990-1993, Turkmenistan (participant). 3. Clonal Propagation of the Desert Shrub, Halohylon, for Pasture Improvement in Central Asia. 1995-1997, Israel, Turkmenistan (participant). 4. State of Environment in Central Asian Republics. 1994 (participant). 5. National Action Programme to Combat Desertification in Turkmenistan. 1996 (participant).
Qualifications1973: Turkmen State University, Physics 1986: Doctor of Agriculture, Soil Science, Leningrad Agrophysical Institute (Water and Salt Transfer in the Arid Soils)
Number of Publications15
Other Activities1. Member of the Geographical Society of Turkmenistan. 2. Member of the Pedology Society of Turkmenistan. 3. Member of the Ecological Fund of Turkmenistan.
Publications1. Thermodynamical Potential of the Soils in the Karakum Canal Zone. Investigation and Modeling Production in Agroecosystem, 1980, pp. 64-69. Leningrad, Russia. 2. Forming Soils on the Flooding Plots in the Karakum Canal Zone. Problems of Desert Development, 1986, pp. 65-71. 3. Hydrodynamical Dispersion in the Soils of Turkmenistan. Modeling of Exchange Processes in the Irrigated Lands, 1985, pp. 121-131, Leningrad, Russia. 4. Processes of Salts Transfer in the Desert Soils. Energy and Mass Exchange in the Plants, Soils and Atmospheric Space, 1981, pp. 30-39. Leningrad, Russia. 5. Productivity of the Soils in the Irrigation Zone of Amudaria River, 1985, Tashkent.
DisciplineAgricultural Sciences
Last updated28/07/2011 12:02:00

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