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Expert NameDr. Moukhamet Dourikov
DivisionDesert Research Institute
InstitutionAcademy of Sciences of Turkmenistan
Telephone00 993 12 940936
Work Experience1. Determination of Genetic Variation for Modeling Efficient Germplasm Collection Strategies, Israel-Turkmenistan, 1993-1996 (participant). 2. Improvement and Rational Use of Arid and Semiarid Rangelands of Khorasan, Turkmenistan - Islamic Republic of Iran, 1996-2000 (leader). 3. Technology of Productivity Increase of Degraded Rangelands of Turkmenistan - 1996-1998 (participant) 5. National Action Programme to Combat Desertification in Turkmenistan. 1996 (participant).
Qualifications1980 - Turkmen State University Faculty of Biology 1983 - Post Graduate of DRI TAS 1988 - Doctor of Biology (Ecology and Introduction of Kochia Prostrata).
Number of Publications25
Other ActivitiesMember of the Botanic Society of Turkmenistan.
Publications1. Introduction of New Forage Plants in Kopet-Dag Mountain Foots. Ashgabat, 1985. 2. Agrotechnical Recommendations of Kochia Prostrata Cultivation in Turkmenistan. Ashgabat, 1986. 3. Structural Functional Features of the Three Ecotypes of Kochia Prostrata in Agrophytocenosys. Ashgabat, 1988. 4. Spreading and Biomass of Moss Cover. Ashgabat, 1991. 5. Realization of National Program of Action to Combat Desertification for the Akhal Velayat. Ashgabat, 1996.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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