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Expert NameMrs. Jamal Annaklycheva
DivisionFlora & Fauna (NIDFF)
Work ExperienceSince 2002 Management Assistant of the Project Co-ordinator " Community based resources management in three pilot areas of Turkmenistan" - Since 2002 Assistant of the National Co-ordinator of UN CCD in Turkmenistan - Since 1996 Researcher in the National Instiute of Deserts, Flora and Fauna of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan
QualificationsPh.D. in Geography Combating Desetification at the grass Roots Level in Turkmenistan: Example of Central Karakum Desert". 1998-2002 Diploma in Geography, Environmental protection in Turkment State University 1992-1996
Number of Publications2
Other ActivitiesA trainer of the Workshops Introduction to Participatrory Approach in Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Buhara), Kazakhstan (Almaty). Summer courses at the International women university in the framework of EXPO-2000, study area "Water", Hanover, Germany Internship at the Asian Department of the Secretariat of UNCCD, Bonn, Germany Practice at the Department of Rural Development, German Society for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), Eschborn, Germany
PublicationsParticipation of the Local People in Nature Conservation of Karakum. Journal "Problem of Desert Development", N3 2000, Ashgabad Subject of scientific research: Conservation of desert ecosystem, rangeland ecology, rural sociology.
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