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Expert NameMr. Eric Delaître
TitleJunior Researcher
CityEl-Menzah, Tunisia
Telephone216 1 750009
Work ExperienceMy experience (since 1995) is a large project ongoing in the Southern part of Tunisia in purpose of desertification monitoring with the help of remote sensing. We try to find appropriate field measuremens by surface sampling for satellite data calibration. Change detection is linked to simple surface parameters such as green vegetation cover, brightness and soil color. Long time series of Landsat-MSS and Spot-HRV images are used to detect these surface changes. We try also to mix these data with social and economic parameters concerning the populations by means of a GIS to define the relations between Man and his environment.
QualificationsPh.D. Geology and geophysics, Univ. L. Pasteur (Strasbourg, France), 1993.
Number of Publications3
Other Activities
Publications1. AUCLAIR L., CHAIZE-AUCLAIR M., DELAITRE E., SANDRON F. (1997) - Dynamique sociale et Désertification : le cas de Menzel Habib dans le sud tunisien. In Proc. of the Séminaire Int. "Acquis et perspectives pour un développement durable des zones arides", in prep. 2. ESCADAFAL R., BACHA S., DELAITRE E. (1997) - Desertification watch in Tunisia: landsurface changes during the last 20 years and onwards. In Proc. of the 16th EARSEL Symposium "Remote Sensing '96. Integrated Applications for Risk Assessment and Disaster Prevention for the Mediterranean", Malta, 20-23 May 1996, Balkema Ed., Roptterdam. pp. 35-40. 3. DELAITRE E., ROQUIN C., NOVIKOFF A., PHAM V.N. et TARDY Y. (1993) - Caractérisation d'une couverture latéritique épaisse par sondage électrique dans la région de Kangaba au Sud-Mali. C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 316, Série II, pp. 1587-1593.
DisciplineSoil Science
Last updated08/03/2005 11:14:00

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