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Expert NameMr. Abdelhakim Issaoui
InstitutionMinistère de l'Environnement et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
CityEl Manzah
Telephone216 1 703394/704000
Work Experience1. (1994-1997): Ministry of Environment and Land Use Planning: Department of Conservation of the Nature and Rural Middle: Study on Desertification and biodiversity. 2. (1990-1994): Research on Desertification - Botanical study - Plant resistance to drought - the natural floral dynamic in the Institute of Forestry Research. 3. Consultation on floral dynamic and sitting up herbarium Morocco 1994. 4. Participation to the: - International congress on the restoration and the rehabilitation of degraded earth of arid zones and semi-arid. Tunisia, November 1994. - Regional seminary UNSO-CAPACITY 21 organized in Lomé (Togo), 1995, on the program of action 21 for the national capacity strengthening for the implementation of CCD. - First regional conference on the desertification in the North of the Mediterranean, Almeria (Spain), 1995. - Meeting of the African expert about creation of database of plant them and arid region earth. Syrie 1994. - Study of the national support on germ
Qualifications- Diploma of engineer of the Agronomical National Institute of Tunisia, section "Agronomy" - Attestation of Thorough Studies of Ecology, University of Sciences of Tunis, 1990 - Thorough Study Diploma in Ecology, University of Sciences of Tunis, 1993 - Attestation of expert controller of environment 1996
Number of Publications3
Other Activities1. Membership of forest association. 2. Membership of AAO (Association des Amis des Oiseaux). 3. Follow-up the implementation of CCD in Tunisia. 4. Regional expert for the Initiative to Combat Desertification (Peace Process) 5. Head of the project: study on assessment of soil degradation in the South of Tunisia, Ministry of Environment and Land Use Planning and the CEDARE, 1996-1997.
Publications1. ISSAOUI A., 1989, étude écologique de 200 variétés de blé venant de l'ICARDA et étude caryologique de certaines variétés de blé dur lacal. 2. ISSAOUI A., 1993, Resistances of plant them to the dryness, Ecological Study of the Jojoba in Tunisia, 110 pp. 3. ISSAOUI A. and al., 1996: Plantes naturelles du Sud Tunisien, 223 pp.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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