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Expert NameMr. Ahmed Souissi
TitleSenior Engineer
DivisionNatural Resources Management
InstitutionMinistère de l'Environnement et de l'Aménagement du Territoire
Telephone216 1 703394
Work Experience- Soil scientist - Chef of soil laboratory - Chef of soil survey team - Director of soil, Ministry of Agriculture - Director of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture - FAO consultant in natural resources management (Djibouti, RCA, Namibia, Chad, Algeria) - World Bank consultant (initiative for collaboration for combatting desertification) - FAO consultant in natural resources management in Tunisia - Advisor of the Ministry of Environment, Tunisia.
QualificationsEngineer of Agriculture, INA Paris-Grignon, France, 1965
Number of Publications4
Other Activities
Publications1. Carte des sols, 1993, Sols de Tunisie, Tunis 2. Carte des sols, classification in soil taxonomy) Minstry of Agriculture and ACSAD, Damas 1985. 3. La désertification - indicateurs - Etat de l'Environnement 1995, Tunis 4. Les sols de Tunisie, types, état, fertilité, état de l'environnement, Tunis, 1996.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
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