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Expert NameMr. Yakiv Didukh
TitleHead of Division, Deputy Director on scientific work
DivisionDivision of Plant Ecology
InstitutionM.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany of the Nacional Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Telephone38 0044 235 33 96
Work ExperienceProject “Karte der iiaturlichen Vegetation Europas” - participant; Project Prograiiime BSP “Phytodiversity comparative estimate of preserved steppe ecosystems in Ukraine for optimization of conservation regimens” - participant; GEF/WB Project “Enabling activities for Biodiversity Conservation, part 2”.
QualificationsPhD (Botany), Central Botanical Garden, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1977; Dr (botany), V.L. Komarov Botanical Institute, Academy of Sciences USSR. 1988; Professor, 1999.
Number of Publications5
AwardsM.G. Kholodny award
Other Activities1. Member of the NewYork Academy of Sciences, 1995 2. Member of IAVS and IAPT, Ukrainian botanical society. 3. Member of editorial board for “Ukrainian Botanical Journal” and “Biodendrology” 4. Member of Nacional Committee of Ukrainian UNESCO programme
Publications1. Shelyag-Sosonko Yu.R., Stoyko S.M., Didukh Ya.P. (1987), Green Data Book of Ukrainian SSR, 2. Didukh Ya.P. (1 992), The vegetation cover of Mountain Criniea (structure, dinaniic, evolution, protection), 252 p., “Nauk. Dunika”, Kyiv. 3. Didukh Ya.P., Plyuta P.G. (1994), Phytoindication of the ecological factors, 278 p,, M.G Kholodiiy Institute of Botany of the Nacional Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv. 4. Didukh Ya.P. (1998), Population ecology, 192 p., “Phytosociocentre”, Kyiv . 5. Didukh Ya.P. (Editor-in-Chief) (2002), Ecoflora of Ukraine, 3,496 p., “Phytosociocentre”, 212 p., “Nauk. Dumlta”, Kyiv.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:07:00

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