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Expert NameMr. Vasyl Parpan
InstitutionUkrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Mountain Forestry
Telephone38 0342 225232
Work ExperienceSwiss project in beech relic forests WSL, Biodiversity of the Carpathians,
Qualifications-Dr. Liviv Forest-Technical Institute, 1968, Professor
Number of Publications135
Other Activities1. Academician of Forest Academy of Science. 2. Member of Ecelogical Academy of Science . 3. Head of regional Association on Nature Protection. 4. Member of Ukrainian Botanic Association.
Publications1. V.Parpan, M.Pryk1iodko (2000), Reserved Territories and Objects of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Broshniv: Talia. 2. V.Parpan (200 1 ), Taxon Flora Structure of Cultivated Dendrological Flora of Angiosperm Plants of Prykarpattia. Sciecne Bulletin ofNAU, 39, Forestry, pp. 55-59, Ukraine. 3. V.Parpan, YShparyk, A.Buergi, B.Commarniot, A.Zingg, T.Parpan (2002), European Principles of Sustainable Forest Use and Needs of their Implementation in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Forest and Hunting magazine, 4, Ukraine. 4. V.Parpan, B.Mankovska, M.Cerny (2002), Chemical and Morphological Changes in Carpathian Mountains Trees Caused by Air Pollution. NATO Science Series I “Effects of Air Pollution on Forest Health and Biodiversity in Forests of the Carpathian Mountains”, pp. 173-1 84, Amsterdam, Berlin, Oxford, Tokyo, Washington, DC. 5. V.Parpan, A.Goychuk (2002), Some Conceptual Approaches to Scientific Researches i n Forestry. Bulltin of Agrarian Science, 4, pp.65-68.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:11:00

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