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Expert NameMr. Valeriy Glazko
TitleHead of Division
DivisionMolecular-Genetic Investigations
InstitutionInstitute of Agriecology and Biotechnology of Ukrainian Acadeiny- of Agricultural Science
Telephone38 044 266 02 87
Work ExperienceV.I. Glazko has worked many years as an Associate Editor of the international Journal of Cytology and Genetics, Ecology, Phisiology and biochemistry of plants, published in Ukraine, Animal Science Papers and Reports, published in Poland. During the last years he organized and was a chairman of eight international conferences and meetings on animal genetics and breeding in Ukraine and Russi2. He also participated i n inany international conferences as an invited speaker. Dr Glazko was also professor of genetics at T. G. Shevtchenko Kyiv State University, Kharkov Zooveterinary Institute, and Ukrainian Agricultural University where he teaches courses on animal genetics, breeding and biotechnology.He supervised many M. Sc. and Ph. D. students. He is also a member of several state qualification committees that examine PhD theses in genetics and is also the experts in the field. Glazlto V.I. is a member of Ukrainian association of genetics, International association of animal genet
QualificationsDr (Genelics), Insti[ute of Cy[ology and genetics of Siberian Branch of Academy of Sciencc of USSR. 1979: Dr (Animal breeding and genetics), National Agricultural University, 1997.
Number of Publications530
AwardsGlazko V.I. receivcd the honorary of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science in 1996 y “Advances in agricultural science” and honorary of National Academy of Science of Ukraine on the Jurjev’s naiiie i n 1998.
Other Activities
Publications1. Glazko V.I., Sozinov I.A. (1993), Isoenzyme gcnetics of farm animals and plant, 540 p., “Urozhai”, Kyiv. 2. Glazko V.I. (1997), DNA technologies of animals, 173 p., “Nora-print”, Kyiv. 3. Glazko V.1. (1998), Agriecological aspect of biospherc: problcms of genctic diversity, 209 p,, “Nora-print”, Kyiv. 4. Glazko V.I., Glazko G.V. (2001). Introduction in DNA technologies and bioinformatics, 450 p,, “Nora-print”, Kyiv. 5. Glazko V.I. etc. (200 I), DNA technologies and bioinformatics in solution of biotechnology problems of mammalian species, 488 p.. Agricultural University, Byla Cerkva.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:08:00

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