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Expert NameMr. Anatoly Golovko
InstitutionThe State Science-control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms
Telephone38 044 243 83 31
Work ExperienceBiotechnology of veterinary preparation, infections diseases of animals.
QualificationsDr. Veterinary, 1996
Number of Publications154
AwardsThe UAAS Priz Laureate, 1994.
Other Activities1. The chairnian of a commission of coordination counsel on scientific cooperation i n branch of a veterinary medicine of the countries of CIS. 2. The member extreme antiepizootic o f a commission at a cabinet of ministry
Publications1. Ushkalov V., Golovko A. (1992), The factor of pathogency of E.coli, isolated from calves/ Veterinary , 4 , pp.23-24. 2. Golovko A.,Ushkalov V.,Didok Y. (2000), Immutiopropliylaxis of animal salmonellosis: principles of vaccines dcvelopment Landwirtshaft: Wissenschaft und Praxis/ I11 Symposium Ukraine-Osterreich (Tschernivci, 14-1 6 Sept. 2000). p.75. 3. Golovko A.N. (1 977) Antigenic variability of fiinbrial adhesins of E.coli epizootic strains Epidemiology et sante animal/ Proc. VIII ISVEE (Paris, 1977), 1 1 , p.12, Paris. 4.Golovko A. Skrypnik V. (1998), The main calves infectious diseases and principle of their prophylaxis under intensive rearing technology conditions/ I1 Symposium Osterreich-Ukraine Landwirtschaft: Proc.Vetermedizinischen University (Wien, Sept. 1998), p.24, Wicn. 5.Golovko A,, Ushkalov V. (2000) Some differenhl properties enterotoxic form of escherichiosis calves/Veterinary medicine of Ukraine, 2, pp.32-33, Ukraine.
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated28/07/2011 12:08:00

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