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Expert NameMr. Dmytro Grodzynsky
TitleAcademician-Secretary of the Division
DivisionGeneral Biology
InstitutionPresidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Telephone38 044 239 65 92
Work ExperienceTook part in Projects of INTAS and the Royal Society of Great Britain as participant and coordinator. Tlie field and practical experience: researches in radiobiology, plant physiology and ecology. Organizational activity related to investigations carried out at the Institutions of the Division of General Biology of tlie National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Education at the National Kyiv University Tarasa Shevchenlto and University "Kyiv-Mohilyanskaya
QualificationsDr.(Plant physiology) 1966, Professor
Number of Publications650
Awards1. Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 1998. 2. State Prize Laureate of Ukraine, 1992. 3. M.Cholodny Prize Laureate of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 1980. 4. Soros Professor, 1994. 5. Soros Professor, 1997. 6 . Tlie Badge of Honor from the Mayor of K
Other Activities1. Head of the National Coiiimission on Radiological Protection at the Supreme Council of Ukraine. 2. Head of the Ukrainian Radiobiological Society. 3. Head of the Ukrainian Association of Plant Biologists. 4. Member of the Council of the Russian Radiobiological Society. 5. Meinber of Editorial Boards of some Science Magazines of Ultraine and Russia.
Publications1. Grodzinskyy D.M. (1989), Radiobiology of Plants, Naukova dumlta, 381 p, Kyiv. 2. Grodzinskyy D.M. (2000), Radiobiology, 448 p., Lybid, Kyiv. 3. Grodzinskyy D.M. (200 I), Fourlingual Dictionary of Plant Namcs (Ultrainian-Russian-English- Latin), Ukrainian Phytosociocentrc, 3 12 p., Kyiv. 4.Grodzinskyy D.M., Shclag-Sosonko YLLR., Clierevchenko T.M. and 0th. (2001), Problems of Conservation and Renewal of Biodiversity in Ukraine, 106 p., "Academperiodica", Kyiv. 5,Grodzinskyy D.M., Gudkov I.M. (2001) Radiobiological Effects in Plants Growing in Territories Contaminated with Radionuclides // I n monograph "Chornobyl. The Zone of Exclusion"/Ed/ Baryachtar V.G., pp, 325 ~ 377., "Naukova dumka", Kyiv.
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