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Expert NameMr. Anatoli Goychuk
TitleProfessor of the Division of forest plantations, Chief ...
DivisionPersonnel policy, agrarian education science; Forest plantat
InstitutionMinistry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine;
Telephone38 044 228 66 78
Work Experience1. Participation in the research project 01 96U005222 “To develop biological, ecological and technological groundwork for intensification of target forest cultivation as well as complex protection system of forests from pests and diseases”. 2. Management over the scientific project 0 102U003628 “To develop theoretical and technological groundwork for restoration of damaged forest biocenosis in areas after natural cataclysms (a glaze ice of the central, southern and southwestern part of Ukraine)”. 3. Management of agrarian science of the Ministry of agrarian policy which carries out coordination of the state scientific, technical and technological policy in agri-industrial complex. 4. Research and teaching activity during 26 years, advising of bachelors, masters and post-graduate students.
QualificationsPhD (Protection of plants against pests and illnesses), National Agricultural University, 1985 Dr. (Forest science and sylviculture) National Agricultural University, 1999
Number of Publications66
Other Activities1. Permanent member (Academician) of the Academy of Forestry Sciences of Ukraine. 2. The Vice-presidcnt of the Supreme Expert Committee of Ukraine in agronomy and forestry. 3. A member of the Specialized Academic Council of the National Agricultural University. 4. A member of the Academic Council of Central Scientific Agricultural Library ‘of UAAS (Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science). 5. A member of editorial committee of abstract magazine “Agri-Industrial complex of Ukraine”.
Publications1. Goychuk A.F. (1998), Pathology of oak groves, 95 p., “Polesye”, Zhitoinir. 2. Goychuk A.F. (1998), Hay action on formations of high-efficient oak plantings, 92 p., “Polesye”, Zhitomir. 3. Gordienko M.I., Goychuk A.F., Gordienko N.M. (1999), Artificial woods i n oak groves, 592 p,, “Polesye”, Zhitomir. 4. Gordienko M.I., Shlapak V.P., Goychuk A.F., Rybak V.O. (2002), Cultures of Scotch pine in Ukraine, 872 p., IAE UAAS, Kyiv. 5. Gordienko M.I., Goychuk A.F., Fuchilo J.I. (2002), Willows shrubs in the flat part of Ukraine (biology, ecology, application). 173 p., IAE UAAS, Kyiv.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:09:00

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