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Expert NameMr. Ivan Grigoryuk
TitleHead of Department
DivisionPhysiology of Plant Water Regime
InstitutionInstitute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of NASU
Telephone38 044 257 51 60; 258 29 23
Work Experience1. The devclopment of scientific recommendations for softing a negative influence of urbanization on the life activity of woody and bush trees in Kiev. 2. The development of scientific basis ol‘ ecologically safe iiieasures for defence of parks and flowers from a complex of pests in Kyiv.
QualificationsDr. (Biology), 1996, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences, 2000 Professor, 2000
Number of Publications270
Awards1. Bronze medal of the Exhibition of the Progress in the Soviet Economy, 1987. 2. M.G. Kholodny Prize ofAS ofUSSR, 1991. 3. Prize of Presidents of the Academy of Sciences in Ultraine, Belorussia and Moldova,
Other Activities1. Ukrainian of Plant Physiologists. 2. Ukrainian Botanical Association. 3. Ukrainian Biochemical Association.
Publications1. Shmat’ko I.G., Grygoryuk I.P., Shvedova O.E. (1989) Plant Resistance to Water and Temperature Stress, 224 p.“Naultova Dumlta”, Kiev. 2. Shmat’ko I.G., Grygoryuk I.P. (1992) Response of plants to both water and high-temperature stresses // Physiology and Biochemistry of Cultivated Plants, 1, pp. 3-14, Ukraine 3. Grygoryuk I.P. (2001) Adenosinphosphat system and plant drowght resistance // Physiology and Biochemistry of Cultivated Plants, 3, pp. 199-207, Ukraine. 4. Grygoryuk I.P., Musienlto M.M. (2001) Water and high-temperature stresses. Moleculare and physiological mechanisms of plant resistance // Plant Physiology in Ukraine in 111 Millenium, Editorial office of the Ukr. Phytosociological Center, 2, pp. 1 18-129, Kiev. 5. Grygoryuk I.P., Zhuk 0.1. (2002) Grows of wheat and maize under drought and its regulation, 118 p. “Naukov. Svit”, Kyiv.
Last updated15/01/2007 16:38:00

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