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Expert NameMr. Olexander Kanash
TitleHead of Division
DivisionLand Ecology
InstitutionLand Use Organization Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences
Telephone38 044 277 62 66
Work Experience1. The project of‘evaluation of agricultural land state and its influence on biodiversity in Dnepr river basin in territory of Byelorussia, Russia and Ukraine with supports UNDP-GEF, 2002 (the expert of a high level). 2. Development the virgin and fallow grounds of Kazakhstan, 1961 (the Head of soil experts group of the Kyiv and Odessa universities, All-Union sugar beets research institute and UkrNDIGIM); 3. Irrigation and land developinelits in the basin Jilga river in Afghanistan, 1964-65 (the Head of soil works). 4. Land hydro melioration of Cuba, 1967 - participation in soil-melioration surveys in province Pinar-del-Rio, 1968-69 - the Adviser at Recursos IHydraulicos (that is the Ministries of land inelioration of Cuba). 5. The design “Barrage Verde” - protection of territories which adjoin to Sahara, Algeria, 1976 (expert). General field of activity and practical experience 1. A scientific-methodical guiding for registration and mapping of soils which were provided fo
QualificationsPhD (Agricultural soil science and agriphysics), Kyiv State University, 1956.
Number of Publications135
Awards1. The correspondent member of the Ukrainian ecological academy of sciences. 2. Honourable land surveyor of Ukraine.
Other Activities1. A member of the Soil scientists-agroclieniist of Ukraine union (the member of its Central Council). 2. The associate editor of journal “Zemlevporyadkuvannya” (“Land survey”).
Publications1. Kanash O.A. (1967), The inap “Soils of Ukrainian SSII” scalc 1:15000000, Ukraine. 2. Kanash O.A. (200 I), Classification aiid ecologically-safe use of the agricultural grounds, 308 p., “LUOI UAAS”, Kyiv. 3. Kanash O.A. etc. (2002), The evaluation of agricultural land state and its influence on biodiversity in Diiepr river basin in territory of Byelorussia, Russia and Ukraine, 146 p., Kyiv. 4. Kanash O.A. (1999), Conservation of degraded and unproductive lands as one of the basic actions for maintenance land use optimizatioid Scientific works of the International conference Genesis, geography and ecology of soils, Lviv. 5. Kanash O.A. (2002), Methodology of designing regional schenias of national econetwork formation / The Center of land reform in Ukraine, Kyiv.
Last updated28/07/2011 12:09:00

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