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Expert NameMr. Mykhailo Kovtum
TitleDeputy Director in charge of scientific issues
DivisionNational Acad. Sci. Ukraine
InstitutionNational Acad. Sci. Ukraine, Institute of Zoology NASU
Telephone38 044 234 30 93
Work ExperienceParticipant (chief executive) in 3 projects funded by the State Fund for Fundamental Research, was advisory to youth projects, was an expert concerning animal wildlife in the area of the planned shipping-lane “Danube-Black Sea”.
QualificationsDr. (Zoology), Institute of Zoology NASU, 1981
Number of Publications126
AwardsThe 1.1. Schnialhausen Award.
Other ActivitiesVice-President of the Ukrainian Theriological Society
Publications1. Kovtun M. F. (1984). ‘Structure and evolution of locomotion in Chiropterans“, 230p., “Naukova Dunika”, Kyiv. 2. Kovtun M.F. Liltliotop R. (1994). Embryonic development of the skull end evolution of chiropterans, 304 p., “Naultova Dumka”, Kyiv. 3. Kovtun M. F. Ledenev S. Growth and developineiit of chiropteren limbs, “Vestnik. Zool” (suppl.), pp.1-82 , Kyiv. 4. Kovtun M. F . Kharchenko L. (2000). Morphological and biochemical character of the testiin of Buteo buteo, “Vestn. Zool.”, 14, pp. 177-184, Kyiv. 5. Kovtun M. F . Klykov V. (1999). The state and prospects for the study of the Przewalski horse, “Vestn. 7,001.” (suppl.), 11, pp. 102-105, Kyiv.
DisciplineAnimal Science
Last updated28/07/2011 12:10:00

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