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Expert NameMr. Petro Kovalenko
InstitutionInstitute for Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclaination
Telephone38 044 257 40 01
Work ExperienceMonitoring of the Danube (expert from Ukraine) (WB project, manager). Reforming of agrarian Science in Ukraine (manager). Towards improved water management in Ukraine (The Netherlands project, manager).
QualificationsDr. 1975 Professor 1982, Academation 1990
Number of Publications300
Other Activities1. Chief of the Branch for Agriculture of Ukrainian Academy for Agrarian Science. 2. Manager of the Scientific and Production Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation in Ukraine. 3. President of the Ukrainian National Committee for ICID. President of the Ukrainian National Committee for ICID 1. The honoured statesman for Science and Technique of Ukraine. 2. The laureate of state prize of Ukraine for Science and Technique.
Publications1. Kovalenko P.I., Filipenko L.A., Zhovtoiiog O.I., Ljashevkiy V.I. (2002), Peculiarities of droughts forming in Ukraine and their control /News of Agrarian Science, 12,’pp. 49-54, Ukraine. 2. Kovalenko P.I., Mykhailov YuA. (2000), Rational water use in irrigation, 155 p., “Agrarian science”, Kyiv. 3. Kovalenko P.I., Popov V.N. (1 998), Technological conditions of water-saving management by interfarm water distribution in irrigation / Land reclamation and water economy, 85, pp, 3-8, Ukraine. 4. Kovalenko P.I. , Khorunjiy P.D. (1998), Modern state, problems and ways of effective utilization of water resources in Ukraine / Water, energy, technology: materials of. the third international congress pp. 83-89. 5.Kovalenko P.I. ( 1 997), Land reclamation is in Ukraine: developinent and perspectives / News of Agrarian Science, 10, pp. 5-8, Ukraine.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:10:00

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