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Expert NameMr. Serhy Ponomarenko
TitleHead of Division
DivisionInstitute of bioorganic and oil chemistry
InstitutionInstitute of bioorganic and oil chemistry NAS Ukraine
Telephone38 044 559 66 17
Work Experience10 years working in pharmaceutical industry (head engineer and director of plant), 15 years - scientific chef of investigation on creation of plant’s growth regulators and technology their application.
Qualifications-PhD, Moscow 1973
Number of Publications141
Awards1. Best investigator NAS Ukraine. 2. Master of sports of USSR. 3. Medal for “working prowess”.
Other ActivitiesDirector of Interbranch scientific teclinological center “AGROBIOTECH’ NAS Ukraine and Ministry of education and science of Ukraine.
Publications1. Ponomarenko S. and 0th. (2001), Ukranian plant’s growth regulators are the world level of investigations, pp.164-169, Kyiv . 2. Ponomarenko S. and 0th. (2001), Ecological aspects of application of plant’s growth regulators, Kyiv. 3. Ponomarenko S. and 0th. (2000), Influence of biostimulators for decrease negative influent on soil microphlora, Ukraine. 4. Ponomarenko S. and 0th. (1999) Plant’s growth regulators on the base N- oxides of derivatives of pyridine, Kyiv. 5. Ponomarenko S. and 0th. (2001) Function of microbe cenosis of soil in condition of antropogennical stress, Kyiv.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:11:00

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