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Expert NameMs. Olga Zhovtonog
TitleDeputy Director
InstitutionInstitute for Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclaination
Telephone38 044 257 89 73
Work ExperienceTowards improved water management i n Ukraine (The Netherlands project, participant). O U
QualificationsDr. 2002
Number of Publications57
Other Activitieskrainian National Committee of ICID (Secretary).
Publications1. Kovalenlco P.I., Filipenko L.A., Zhovt?tiog O.I., Ljashevkiy V.I. (2002), Pcculiarities of drougllts forming in Ukraine and their control /News of Agrarian Science, 12, pp. 49-54, Ukraine. 2. Zhovtonog O.S., Shostak I. (2002), About conceptioh of creation of an information and consult services in irrigation management / Water economy and land reclamation, 4, Ukraine. 3. Kovalenko P., Zhovtonog 0. (2000), Current problems in irrigation, drainage and water management / Bulletin of agricultural science, I , pp. 50-56, Ukraine. 4. Roniashchenko M., Zhovtoiiog O.,Filipenlco L. (1999), Substantiation of ecological safety watering / Bulletin of agricult~iral science, 11, pp. 53-59, Ukraine. 5. Zhovtonog 0. 1. (1998), Prediction'of soil fertility for purpose of ecological liiniting irrigation / Agricultural chemistry & soil science. Soil-Ecology- Food, 3, pp. 179-1 8
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:14:00

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