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Expert NameMr. Petro Zholkevsky
InstitutionUkrainian Institute of agriculttiral aeropliotogeodezic research
Telephone38 044 94 53 146
Work Experience1. Organize and carry out the management worls of Institute for map-making of lands. Supervise over scientific developnlent on revealing degenerative grounds by means of space sounding of a terrestrial surface.- 2. The participant of performance of tL,e international project ‘‘ Tacis ” under the program “Development of ground registration i n Ukraine ”, with passage of training i n Sweden and Denmark.
QualificationsPhD (Economy of nature use and environment protection), Council of productive forces study of Ukraine, NAN of Ukraine, 1999
Number of Publications21
Other Activities1. Docent of National Agrarian University. 2. Member of association “Ukragronaukservise”. 3. Member of Ukrainian organization of the land using.
Publications1. Zholkevsky P.F. (1 998), Methodical and methodological bases ecologic-econotuical cartography of the territory and informative maintenance of land reform, 68 p.. International financial agency. Kyiv. 2. Zholkevsky P.F. (1998), Conceptual bases of economic-ecological estimation of territorial resources, 52 p., Institute of organization of the use of land UAAN, Kyiv. 3. Zholkevsky P.F. (1998), Cartographical maintenance of a control system of land resources and registration of ground /Engineering geodesy, 40, p.49-53, Ukraine. 4. Zholkevsky P.F. (1999), Cartographical maintenance of privatization and money estimation of grounds/ Land News, 4, p. 14-16, Ukraine. 5. Zholkevsky P.F. (2002), Improvement of economic-ecological estimation of territory (methodical and practical aspects) /Collection of scientific works Ukrainian State University of Water Economy and Nature Resources, 1, p. 29-34, Ukraine.
Last updated28/07/2011 12:14:00

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