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Expert NameMr. Volodymyr Yevtukh
DivisionInstitute of Sociology, Psychology and Social Communication, National Pedagogical Drgomanov University
InstitutionKyiv National Taras Slievclienko University
Telephone38 044 2341108
Work ExperienceProject of the Council of Europe “Non-Discrimination Review under the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe” (2002 ) - Head of the Ukraine’s Country Group. Selected Committee of the John D. and Catherine T. Macartthur Foundation, USA, (1994-1 996), Member. Pilot Project of the Council of Europe “Education Rights of National Minorities” (2000-2001), Member
QualificationsDr. (History), Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences, Professor
Number of Publications400
AwardsHonoured Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine; State Orders “For Merits” of the Third and of the Second Grades
Other Activities1. Member of Sociological Association of Ultraine. 2. Head of Expeif Council of Supreme Attestation Conimission of Ukraine (for Philosophy,Politology and Sociology).
Publications1. Yevtukh V. (1991), Concept of Ethnosocial Development of the USA and Canada, 180 p., “Naukova Dumka”, Kyiv. 2. Yevtukh V. (1997), Etlinopolitics in Ukraine: Legal and Culturological Aspects, “Phoenix”, Kyiv . 3. Yevtukh V. (2000), On National Idea, Ethnic Minorities, Migrations, 236 p., “Stylos”, Kyiv. 4. Yevtukh V. (2004), Problems of Ethnonational Development: Ukrainian and World Context, 232 p., “Stylos”, Kyiv. 5. Yevtukh V. (2012), Ethnicity: Handbook, 396 p., “Phoenix”, Kyiv
DisciplineAnthropology and Sociology
Last updated24/11/2014 11:29:00

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