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Expert NameMr. Yuriy Karpenko
DivisionChemical and Biological Faculty
InstitutionT.G. Shevchenko Cheriiihiv State Pedagogical University, Chemical and Biological Faculty
Telephone38 0462 32 10 6, 31 51 4
Work ExperienceCommunity Connections Program (A Professional development ‘Training Program for Ukrainian Eiivironmentalists, Chicago, Illinois, USA) 2000; Chairman oi‘ Public Advice at State Management of Environment and Natural resources of Chernihiv Region.
QualificationsPhD (Botany), M.G. Kholodny Institute Botany NAS of Ukraine, 1999.
Number of Publications50
Other ActivitiesChairinan of Chernihiv Urban Organization.
Publications1. Karpeiiko Yu.0. (1998), Distribution of vegetation of a valley of the Desna in the lower part Desna-Seim interfluve.Ukr. Botan. Jourii. Vo1.55, Nc2, pp. 145-150, Ukraine. 2. Karpenko Yu.0. (1998), Forest vegetation in the lower part Desna-Seim interfluve.Ukr. Botan. Journ., Vo1.55, Ns3, pp. 257-262, Ukraine. 3. Karpenko Yu.0. (1 998) “Bog-saucer” in the lower part Desna-Seim interfluve. akr. Botdn. Jourii., Vo1.55, Nc5, pp. 528-532, Ukraine. 4. Karpenko Yu.0. (Education) (2001), Wonderful world of Cherniliiv region. 186 p., Chernihiv. 5. Karpenko Yu.0. Biodiversity of Ulcraine in a context of natural conditions and protection. Biology and Chemistry in School Journal, Ncl, 2002, pp. 26-30, Ultraine.
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:09:00

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