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Expert NameMr. Oleh Derkach
TitleAssistant of Professor
DivisionMykolaiv State University
InstitutionMykolaiv State University
Telephone38 0512 415306 / 358037
Work ExperienceKNIP Fund, Royal Netherlands Embassy, the Conservation of White Pelicans and Its Habitats i n Ukraine, 2002, the coordinator of the project. REC-Kyiv, European Commission, the Local Environmental Action Plan for Bashtanka (Mykolaiv Region), 2002, the expert of the project. REC-Kyiv, European Commission, the Formation of Ecological network of the Mykolaiv Region, 2002, the expert ofthe project. The International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Restoration of Wetlands Biodiversity at the Black Sea Coastal Area, 2001-2002, the coordinator of the project. OSCE, REC-Kyiv, the Environmental Probleins of the River Inguletsh and Mykolayiv Water Supply, 2001, the manager of the project. University of Plymouth, UK, tlie Black Sea Environmental Educational Project, 2001, the participant of the project.
Qualifications-Biologist -Lecturer of biology and chemistry, Odessa State University
Number of Publications40
AwardsThe Laureate of the Henry Ford European Conservation Awards 2000 for the Protection of the Environnient (2000).
Other Activities1. The Member of Board of the State Administration of Ecology and Natural Resources i n Mykolaiv Rcgion. 2. The Member of the Coordinating Council in Questions of the Environment of the Mykolaiv Region Adtninistration. 3. The Head of the Mykolaiv Branch of tlie National Ecological Centre in Ukraine.
Publications1. Derkach 0. and others (1990), The Evaluation of Iinpact of the Objects of South-Ukrainian AES for the Plant Cover of the Valley of Southern Bug: Thesis of reports of conference pp. 86-87, ((Industrial botanic)), Donetsk. 2. Derkach 0. and others (l992), About the state recultivatioiial fond of Ukraine: Thesis of reports for science practical seminars, pp. 103-1 04, Rachiv. 3. Derkach 0. and others (1994), Scientific Foundation of Necessity of Forming the Regional Landscape Park “Granitno-Stepove Pobuzslija”// The Optimization of Nature-reserve Fond of Ukraine, Kyiv, Zoological Institute National Academy of Science of Ukraine, pp. 80-87, Ukraine 4. Derkacli O., 2000, Restoration of a Wetlands Biodiversity at Ukrainian sea coastal area //The Black Sea ecological problems, pp. 57-59. Odessa. 5. Derkach O., 2003. Restoration of a Birds Diversity oil the Coast of the Dnipro Estuary // the Birds of Azov-Black Sea Region. Monitoring and Protection, the Mykolaiv State University,
DisciplineNatural Resource Management
Last updated28/07/2011 12:07:00

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